"I'm enjoying my involvement into the development of contemporary art space. My highest inspiration is timely tendency of interpenetration and influence of all types of art into each other. Nowadays the transit between different forms of expression is becoming more necessitative and possible for an artist. I believe that now architect or designer works more as contemporary artist and it is contemporary artist who influences development of contemporary architecture and design, works with their forms."

Actually based in Kiev Julia Biatova has been working as independent architectural designer since 2000. After graduating  in 1999 from the National Academy of Art and Architecture (Kiev, Ukraine) Julia moved  to France for additional education and new experience in art, work and life. There she completed courses in the National School of Fine Arts at the Villa Arson (Nice, France) and studied at Sorbonne University in Paris (graduated in 2003 with Master of Arts Degree). In 2007 Julia earned Master’s Degree in Architecture (DPLG) at the National School of Architecture, ENSAPLV (Paris, France). From 2009 she is Associated Member with French architectural studio Jean-François Parent & Associates.